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Luxury Sea View Property

Unique and charming villa that preserves all the Ibiza Essence. 

Surrounded by 3Hc of Mediterranean gardens full of colorful buganvillas and fruit trees.

This property is completely fenced and has inside three different built areas. It is the perfect place to enjoy unforgettable moment during your family days, holiday with friends and also to celebrate events as weddings, birthdays,…

Ibizan Style, its architecture is the accurate expression of the perfect mix between the traditional and modern style. The three buildings has been renovated and improved through the years since its 200 years life.

Gaudi´s inspiration is reflected on all of the spaces. The different atmospheres are developed around the biggest infinity private pool.

From every inside and outside space the incredible views to Salinas are governing the place.

The Main House counts on an spectacular entrance is presided by an amazing buganvilla tree. This house has three suites with walk in closets and another wo double bedrooms that share a complete bathroom.

This house also has a modern and smart fully equipped kitchen, lounge Tv area and outside dining spaces.

The Master Suite is located on the highest side of the finca. This amazing construction is at the top of the pool area and it is perfect to enjoy memorable moments and unbeatable views.

It is a huge private space that connects with a Massage Area. It also has Jacuzzi and a romantic fireplace from where you can have the perfect view over Formentera.

In addition to the several outside spaces with BBQ, Yoga Area, Hammocks and Sunbeds, the property has its Club Area. It is a cozy space where you can relax yourself by your own or with your friends resting at the Tv area or playing  pool.

This space also counts with an area accesible for special moments equipped with the last light and sound system to celebrate events.

Located on the southeast side of Ibiza, its location is unbeatable and it has an easy access.

Five minutes from Ibiza Airport and the city center. Really close to the best Beach Clubs and caves in Ibiza: Beso Beach Club; Jockey; YemanjaBlue Marlin, Nassau Beach Club, 

Apart from all the amenities and options that this property is offering to you, you can count on us to manage any service that you can need during your staying in Ibiza. The Management Ibiza is at your disposal with a wide portfolio of services: Nannies, chefs, catering, Security Service, yatch service, chofer, car rental, Beauty Services, Massage, Personal Trainer,…


  • Super Luxury
  • Sea View
  • Security
  • Massage and Yoga area
  • Infinity Pool
  • Lounge & Club
  • SONOS System
  • Apple Tv
  • Jacuzzi
  • BBQ
  • Dj Set