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Our Company offers the service of SECOND RESIDENCE CONTROL. Our aim is the watch out carefully and do the maintenance of your properties in the seasons in which you do not do use of them.
We have the objective of taking care about all of your posseions and to have a total control of them with the intention of giving you the tranquility of knowing that during your absence both, you or your guests, will enjoy the sojourn having all in the perfect status at your arrival.
On next paragraphs we are going to enumerate you the different kind of services that in our way of thinking, will make posible to get our purposed aim:


  • Periodic inspections.
  • Windows and doors testing and house airing.
  • Inside and outside elements inspection.
  • Allow the acces for the gardeners to let them take care about the plant pots.
  • Checking and control of the possible damages as well us the management and reparation of them (SERVICES BY BUDGET).
  • Reports about the situation and, if it is necessary,possible budgeting.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.
  • Picking up of your parcels and send them to you just in case.


This kind of service, in adicton to all of the (services) mentioned above, is focused on the (keeping) of all the extra needs that can arise since your arrival to the island.

  • Habited house sham.
  • Transfer.
  • Guests reception.
  • Welcome present.
  • Buying service.
  • Personal transfers during the stay.


Administrative transactions